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Heights Family to Family Collaborative    |   Fathers and Families Together

fathers and families together (faft)

Our Fathers and Families Together program helps provide fathers with the tools to become caring, committed and responsible fathers.
Current workshops include:

  • Financial Literacy: Introduction to basic budgeting, as well as household and credit management
  • Cooking with Dads: A hands-on workshop that focuses on planning, budgeting and preparing nutritional meals with children
  • Living with the Law: Shares father-focused info on family law, employment law, voting issues, housing rights and legal records
  • Navigating Community Resources: Updates fathers about community services (utilities, employment, education, etc.) and how to access them
  • Healthy Relationships and Parenting: Topics include relationship development between parenting partners, handling and expressing emotions, increasing involvement as a father and finding balance
  • Fathers Networking: Positive parenting support group that gives dads the opportunity to meet, socialize and discuss positive parenting and community advocacy, as well as male and fathering issues

The FAFT program and workshops are open to all men who are interested in developing fathering skills.

For more info, please contact Artis Gaines, FAFT Resource Advisor: 216-325-9124