To learn more about what ease@work can do for you and your organization, call (216) 241-3273.

ease@work partners with leadership teams to strengthen an organization’s performance by strengthening their people’s performance. Our dedicated professionals engage with you, delivering the right organizational & employee assistance services to keep you moving forward at peak performance.

We are more than an Employee Assistance Program, which often functions as a safety net to catch employees when they have big falls. ease@work offers services that act as a harness to keep daily challenges and stressful problems in an employee’s life from escalating into a free-fall. Couple that with our organization-focused capabilities and you have the strength in both your people and your organization to ensure your long-term success.

Our organizational & employee assistance services are proven to:

  • Resolve difficult employee-life problems AND hidden, often undetectable, employee issues that negatively impact productivity,
  • Advance Managers’ effectiveness in handling workforce performance,
  • Provide Human Resources Teams a trusted advisor with world-class expertise and services.
  • Addresses Talent Management needs through services, including executive coaching, fitness-for-duty, mediation, succession planning, training, assessments and customized programs

Another perk of working with ease@work is our commitment to our community. 100 percent of the net revenue earned by ease@work is contributed to The Centers. Want to learn more about ways to strengthen your talent? Visit ease@work.com now!