Our Team. Your Care.

Each of our providers works tirelessly to ensure we treat everyone with genuine trust and mutual respect— always. Offering affordable, personal care across general check-ups, mental health services, and focused specializations: meet the dedicated team at the center of it all.

Behavioral Health Services

The Centers Behavioral Health team helps people of all ages manage their mental health and life’s everyday stressors with a full range of psychiatry, counseling, and case management services.


The FIRST & STARS teams are dedicated to helping patients with schizophrenia pursue their goals and work toward recovery.

School-Based Behavioral Health

The Centers actively works with many Northeast Ohio schools to provide School-Based Behavioral Health services to our community's students and families.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC)

The Centers now has a dedicated team to help when you need it most. We are hear for you when you're dealing with significant mental health symptoms, emotional disturbances, and unexpected challenges in your behavioral health treatments.

Behavioral Health Services Leadership

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