Your help improves our community.

Over 1,400 volunteers each year help us better our community and reach more people in need. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, and we can work with you to create a custom experience that fits your priorities and interests.

  • Volunteer in our classrooms

    Our seven, five-star rated Early Learning Centers provide children ages 0-5 with a well-rounded curriculum, taught by highly qualified teachers and staff. You and your team can engage in fun, educational activities, such as reading or arts and crafts. Every classroom is full of children waiting to have someone to play with and learn from.

  • Inspire a career in our workforce program

    Our El Barrio Workforce Development Program ensures our clients receive the proper tools to get on the right career path. Our training courses include job readiness (English and Spanish), a customer service program, and case management and retention services. Corporate volunteers can host a hiring fair to give clients an opportunity to enter the workforce, conduct mock interviews, and look over resumes to provide professional feedback.

  • Help fight hunger

    Help fight hunger in our community by distributing food at one of our seasonal Mobile Pantries. Between June and September, we partner with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to host 25 Mobile Pantries, which provide more than 200,000 pounds of fresh and healthy produce for more than 4,000 families in Greater Cleveland. The Mobile Pantries rely on volunteers to help distribute produce and are a great way for a team to work together.

    Additionally, the Judy Peter’s Basic Needs Resource Center allows clients in each of our program areas to receive items essential for their daily lives such as toiletries, food, and baby supplies. The Food Pharmacy is a way for our pharmacy to provide food as medicine to our clients who are in need of fresh produce to solve chronic health conditions. Volunteers will organize inventory and prepare orders for the families we serve.

  • Improve your community

    Beautification projects allow teams to come together to make a noticeable change. Under the direction of our Facilities Department, your team can roll up their sleeves and assist in various projects at one of 16 locations. We provide both outdoor and indoor projects, such as landscaping, painting, or purging items from our storage space. While your corporate group develops crucial teamwork skills, you’ll help us advance our strategic mission to build a better environment for clients and employees.

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The Centers is actively listening and responding to the impact COVID-19 is having in our communities on a daily basis. And we’re here to serve you. COVID-19 Testing is now available at The Centers and with no out of pocket cost for most patients. All of our health services—pharmacies, counseling, psychiatry, primary care, addiction, alcohol and substance abuse—are open to serve new and current patients virtually and in our offices when appropriate. Please call 216-325-WELL to learn about our virtual services or before coming to a facility so we can plan for your care. We provide free job readiness and job placement services virtually and have partner employers actively looking to place employees. Call 216-325-WORK or fill out the form on our job search page.

For the most up-to-date information regarding our Health, Family and Work services, please visit our COVID-19 Response page.