Make one stop for all your medication needs.

Our pharmacy partners with providers to ensure you get the medication you need, when you need it. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid, and have a sliding fee scale for patients who are uninsured or who have limited coverage. Prescriptions are always available, at little to no cost.

Pharmacy Services

  • Full pharmacy services
  • Medication management
  • Pill-minders
  • Confidential mail order delivery

To learn more, talk to our friendly pharmacists
or ask your provider for more information.

Fill prescriptions in minutes

We fill prescriptions fast; there’s typically little to no wait to get your medications from our pharmacies. Or our team can safely and discretely mail prescriptions to your home, at no cost to you.

Free custom pill boxes

Managing medications and remembering to take pills can be difficult. So we offer our patients free, custom pill boxes. Plus, we’ll pre-fill pill-minder packs for you at no charge.

Medication review and medication therapy management

Our pharmacists will meet with you individually to review all of the medications you take on a regular basis—even if they’re prescribed from different doctors and locations—to ensure your medication plan is safe and to solve any side effects you may be experiencing.

Locations offering Pharmacy services

The Centers is actively listening and responding to the impact COVID-19 is having in our communities on a daily basis. And we’re here to serve you.

All of our health services—pharmacies, counseling, psychiatry, primary care, addiction, alcohol and substance abuse—are open to serve new and current patients virtually and in our offices when appropriate. Please call 216-325-WELL to learn about our virtual services or before coming to a facility so we can plan for your care.

For the most up-to-date information regarding our Health, Family and Work services, please visit our COVID-19 Response page.