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At The Centers, we know everyone is on their own journey. But we also believe in the power of healing as a group. Because with the right support system in place, we can help each other thrive.

Nuturing Parents

Open to parents of all ages, this group provides psychoeducation surrounding parenting skills. We’ll discuss topics like positive discipline & understanding, building empathy, making healthy choices, and effective communication.

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Join us for a weekly mindfulness group. You’ll learn techniques that help to calm your mind, empower you to slow down, and enable you to be more focused and more connected to what makes life meaningful.

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Seeking Safety

This group is designed for people with a history of trauma and/or addiction, and explores the common link between the two. With a focus on the present, this group does not require participants to delve into upsetting experiences. Rather, it focuses on coping skills to help participants become safer in relationships, thinking, and actions.

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Freedom from Smoking

For all those interested in either quitting or cutting down on smoking, participants will learn techniques to reduce their habit from a curriculum approved by the American Lung Association.

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Anger Management

In this eight-week group, you will learn techniques and strategies to manage feelings of anger and frustration, while also developing self-control over thoughts and actions.

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Chair Yoga

This group is designed for any ability level, and invites everyone to learn yoga techniques that help calm anxiety, increase energy, improve mood, and relieve stress.

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Creative Coping

Creative Coping uses art therapy interventions to help participants understand mental health symptoms and develop appropriate coping skills. Clients engage with art in a way that encourages mindfulness and exploration of personal strengths.

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Art Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Stress, anxiety, and depression affect pain levels, creating a vicious cycle. So this 18 and up group is designed to help process feelings regarding living with chronic pain; foster tool development to mitigate stress; manage anxiety and depression related to chronic pain; and hopefully in effect, reduce pain levels to some degree.

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Adolescent Art Therapy

Designed for ages 12 – 18, this group will address self-esteem, relationships, body image, mindfulness, anxiety, and depression through self-expression.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a treatment modality for anyone looking to build new skills. Over the course of six months, you’ll learn and grow across four essential areas.

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Adolescent Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

The DBT Skills Group is a six-month group for adolescents ages 12 – 18 who are experiencing intense emotions. We aim to decrease vulnerability and decrease the intensity and duration of emotions through skills training.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is an approach that enhances our ability to cope with changes. Because regardless of our background or current circumstances, being able to respond to challenges can make a meaningful difference in our lives.

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Cognitive Processing

Cognitive processing therapy is a treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related problems. The overall goal is to improve your day-to-day living, and addressing PTSD symptoms and related feelings such as depression, anxiety, guilt, or shame.

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